Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My NYC Internship!

One of the great perks that comes along with being a Fordham student is being so close to Manhattan. As many know Manhattan is filled with amazing internship opportunities and I was lucky enough to scoop one up! I have the privilege of interning for a public relations company named Upspring PR. They specialize in interior design firms that do both residential and commercial locations. I am a communication and media studies major,  so an internship along these lines is a great opportunity for experience that will definitely look great on my resume! I am writing press releases and creating huge press lists for the companies clients and also learning so much about the industry I hope to venture into when I graduate.  I certainly am not the typical intern that is depicted in movies who has to run and get thirty coffees and pick up dry cleaning I get the opportunity to be a part of the things that are going on everyday in my office. Also, an extra perk of my internship is being able to work under a Fordham alum! 

I was able to create a schedule for my fall semester where I had both Wednesdays and Fridays off by simply taking two classes that only meet once a week. This leaves me the opportunity to head in to Manhattan for my internship on both of these days from 9:30-5:00!  My office is located on 30th Street and 5th Avenue, so I am in a great location to explore when I am done at the end of the day!

Fordham makes it extremely easy to intern during the year at the same time as your classes.  They offer credit for many types of internships and they also offer free Ram Van transportation passes so you don't even have to spend money traveling back and forth from where you have to be! As a Fordham student I feel like I have so many opportunities to experience the world I am hoping to go into before I even graduate, which I feel is a huge advantage that comes with being a Fordham Ram! 

                                                           Exploring the city!!!

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