Monday, January 27, 2014

Engineering at Fordham

If you are interested in engineering, then you should definitely consider Fordham. Fordham isn’t technically an engineering school, but that doesn’t mean opportunities aren’t offered. One program that you can go into is the 3-2 Engineering program!

In the 3-2 program, you can choose your science major at Fordham in chemistry, biology, physics or computer Science. After three years of study at Fordham, the next two years of education can either be spent at Columbia University or Case Western University (hence the name “3-2”). There is also tons of engineering fields to go into while at these schools. And, the best part is that after five years, you will have two bachelor’s degrees – one from each school – and you get to have two graduation ceremonies within the same week! Go you!

The 3-2 Engineering Program at Fordham is probably one of the biggest opportunities I have ever taken. When I first learned of this program, Fordham immediately rose to the top of my list of colleges. I am currently majoring in chemistry in the 3-2 Engineering program and couldn't be any happier. It's also amazing to know that I will graduate from two major colleges in the world. If you're thinking about engineering, consider Fordham. It's definitely an opportunity worth taking!

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