Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crossing Schools at Fordham

Is it possible to major in Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) or Lincoln Center (FCLC) and minor in the Gabelli School of Business?

Yes! Undergraduate liberal arts students may take up to six courses in the Gabelli School of Business. The Business Administration minor and Sustainable Business minor are available to FCRH and FCLC students and the Accounting Minor and Marketing minor are also available to FCRH students.

I am majoring in Communication and Media Studies in FCRH and minoring in Marketing. In addition to the core curriculum and 11 courses required for my major, I am taking six courses required for my minor, including Marketing Principles, Statistics, and Consumer Behavior. I love studying in both schools and have found that the material covered in my communications and marketing classes complement one another very nicely. Also, the process of studying in both schools is simple!

As a freshman, I came in undeclared. Majors must be declared by the second semester of sophomore year and minors are usually declared around the same time for scheduling purposes. After declaring, students track their credit and course requirement progress on DegreeWorks.

For more information on each of the business minors available to liberal arts students, click here.

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