Friday, February 21, 2014

Finding Adventure in My Fordham Home

As a senior in high school, a big debate for me was whether or not I wanted to be close to my home in Central Jersey. The adventurer in me said that I must go far, to truly explore myself and push myself into becoming a more mature person. The frightened girl inside me told me that I needed the support of my parents, and a haven close to school for when things got too tough. Eventually, the adventurer won out, which is why I was particularly hesitant to choose Fordham as my final destination. It was only an hour away from my home, in a city that I already knew very well. How on earth could I grow in a place like this? I could not have been proven more wrong.

First, being close to home does not mean that you are weak. Being far from home is also not a bad thing. Choosing your comfort zone is entirely up to you, and will ultimately benefit your personal needs in the best way possible. The great thing about Fordham is that it is in the heart of the city; therefore, all manners of transportation are at the disposal of all its students. Whether your home is a train ride away or a transcontinental flight through JFK, the possibility of getting home when need be is always there.

Second, just because you think that you know New York City well does not mean that there is still more to discover during your time at Fordham. NYC is not just the Manhattan of every Gossip Girl's dream, there are so many places to explore and see. Each time I go into the city, a whole new experience and perspective unfolds. Just when I think I've seen all that the city has to offer, it surprises me again. There are endless possibilities here, if you open your eyes enough to see.

Choosing Fordham is not just about what looks best in terms of academics or residential life. It is a personal experience that you must choose for yourself. Do not second guess what the school has to offer if you think that its advantages are not at the top of your list: it will surprise you. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Though it is my home, and I therefore clearly have a biased view of the wonder that is Fordham University, I truly believe that it can be a home to you too, a place to adventure and find comfort: the haven I thought I'd miss.

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