Friday, February 28, 2014

Minoring in New York City

When making my final visit at Fordham my senior year, Father McShane, University president, gave a very compelling and passionate speech that I will never forget. What stuck out most to me in this speech was his emphasis of how lucky we will be to go to school in New York City. I knew that having Manhattan at my finger tips was something that really drew me to Fordham initially, but I didn’t realize just how much of an impact going to school where I go would really have on me and my peers until after I got here. As Father McShane finished his speech, he ended it with this piece of advice that I will never forget: “Major in whatever you’re passionate about, and minor in New York.” Now, as a second semester sophomore, I feel as though I completely and fully understand what Father meant when he said this, and I have tried my best to heed his advice.
Friends in the city for my birthday overlooking the city!
 New York has so many opportunities it’s almost crazy! Educational, social, spiritual, there is something for everyone and any kind of hobby or passion in this city. Are you planning on majoring in English? There are book signings with famous authors in the city all the time. Music minor? This city is basically the music capital of the world; you can always find concerts on a whim here! Business major? The financial district, Wall Street, and so many other business and internship opportunities are in arms reach. The great thing about New York is that it is such a worldly and important city that it can take any major that you are possibly even thinking of, and give you opportunities to excel and obtain knowledge in that field that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Want to study somewhere new and refreshing? Try the New York Public Library or Central Park. The awesome thing about going to school here is that you can take everyday mundane activities and turn them into something so exciting and cultural. If you choose Fordham, you really will be right in the center of the action, where it’s all happening. It really is exciting when you think about it!
A beautiful sunset in Manhattan.
While us Fordham students do work very hard, we do make time for fun as well. Whether seeing a concert, a Broadway show, trying out new and cool interesting cafes, or simply just exploring what the city has to offer, there is always, and I mean always something to do. It’s impossible to be bored here, that’s for sure! By the time that I graduate from Fordham, I hope to have truly minored in New York City, taking all that is has to offer and having it shape me into the person that I would like to become.

Friends and I at a concert in Central Park!

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