Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Student Spotlight: Danny Murphy

      Danny Murphy is a sophomore here at Fordham University. He is involved in tons of on-campus clubs and activities, and he also has an amazing internship with The Rachel Ray Show! Check out what he has to say about his many involvements and all the fun things he has done with his time in New York! 
Danny at a CAB event, and yes that is a real monkey!

Name: Danny Murphy 
Year: Sophomore 
Major: Communications and Media Studies 
Hometown: Cranford, New Jersey 
What made you choose Fordham?
If you’re like me, it’s hard to find out exactly where you to spend “the best four years of my life.” Do you want a city school or a nice campus? A liberal arts feel or specialized training for a career?  What’s better, an enrollment of 50,000 or 500? Luckily, when I found Fordham I realized that there was a way to have the best of both worlds. As someone who lives for the city, I still wanted a place to call home (and some grassy areas to Instagram). That’s why I’m at Rose Hill in the Bronx, it provides easy access to the other boroughs while also being a secluded home away from home.  Fordham gives me a campus where I feel comfortable, in addition to a curriculum where anyone can follow their passions—whether it be balancing equations in Chemistry lab or analyzing the symbolism in German films. Overall, Fordham seemed to be the perfect place for a student who is naturally curious with education and life to spend four years to transform into the person they want to be.

What are you involved in here at Fordham?
I’m an employee at WFUV Public Radio, an NPR affiliate right on campus and Campus Activities Board (CAB), which helps makes each year on campus fun for all students!

Danny hard at work at WFUV!
What are your favorite parts about WFUV and CAB?
WFUV is an amazing opportunity that I am grateful to have at Fordham. Not only do I gain professional work experience and networking, but both the full-time and student employees both make it a learning environment, bringing my education outside of the classroom. With CAB, I love being able to give back to the campus and students that make my time at Fordham so much fun: and even though not everyone loves a cupid throwing chocolate at them in the Cafeteria for a Valentine’s Day event, I certainly love doing it!

Tell us about your internship!
If you have a coffee addiction as strong as mine, you most likely have a ton of unplaced energy. There’s no better way to let that out than doing an internship (and don’t say ‘what about the gym?’ because internships are so much less sweaty). Two days a week I’m over at The Rachael Ray Show, assisting their Production, Script and Audience Department. One of the best things about Fordham’s NYC location is your ability to be an active intern during the Fall/Spring seasons (when most offices need extra help!). Internships are a great way to get a little taste of the real world, helping you realize what you might want to end up doing for a career. Luckily, Career Services takes the burden of paying for transportation out of the equation—giving free Ram Van passes (an intercampus shuttle) to unpaid interns!

What is the most exciting thing you have done since being here in New York?
My most exciting New York memory was probably last semester when I took a Shakespeare class. I know that sounds boring, BUT the class entailed going to see shows in lieu of meeting in a classroom for some lessons. It was so amazing to think to myself, “wow I’m eating dinner at a restaurant and then going to see an incredible play, for class.” Also, anytime Starbucks’ changes their drink flavors is pretty exciting for New Yorkers.

What would be your dream job after graduating from Fordham?
Ahh real world. No, I don’t want to be on the show, but I mean ahh entering the real world! My dream would be writing in any form, ideally on Television. Fordham has given me the chance to gain experience in TV and Radio, and I’d love to have a career that gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts with anyone who is in earshot. 

Any advice for high school juniors and seniors applying and deciding on where they will spend their next four years?
You’ve heard this a million times, but consider me a million and one: relax. You just have to be calm and think about what you want out of these four years, because they go by fast and you want to be in a place where you will thrive personally and academically! And don’t be afraid to ask questions: reach out to advisors, teachers, or anyone from the colleges you may be interested in! Enjoy the process, cause as long as you keep a positive outlook and are honest with yourself, you’ll be fine. 

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