Friday, February 14, 2014


In the spirit of Valentine ’s Day, some current students have taken the time to share some of the things they love about Fordham! Enjoy!

I love the community that exists at Fordham; it truly is like one big family with big school opportunities but a small school feel! ~Emily Tanner

What I love most about Fordham is its beautiful campus and proximity to New York City. ~Marisa Diaz

I love that everyone is so friendly! ~Adam Pluchinsky

I love that I get the best of both worlds at Fordham; I enjoy all of the perks of living near Manhattan, but I still get to enjoy Rose Hill’s beautiful, green campus. ~Jessica Timko

I love that Fordham is in one of the biggest cities in the world, but we still live on a campus where we can throw a Frisbee around and have our own sense of community! ~Drew DiPane

I love how Fordham is a close-knit community! ~Laura Bellows

I love that Fordham offers me the opportunity to do things that never even crossed my mind until a professor or administrator or even classmate puts them out there. ~Megan McLaughlin

I love how Fordham just gets better and better each year. ~ Vanessa Agovida

What I love about Fordham is that we are in middle of a huge city, but we have our own quiet oasis in the middle of such chaos. I love that even though I'm living in the city, I still see bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons running around as if they were in my backyard from home, but unlike home, being at Fordham allows me to explore the world by simply exploring one city. ~Erica Restiano

I love that Fordham is small enough to have a great sense of community but still large enough to always be able to meet someone new! ~Deirdre Hynes

Our campus is beautiful and New York City has it all, but the thing about Fordham that I love the most is...the people! I have never met so many intelligent, funny, talented, and passionate individuals as I have in my 4 years here. They continuously inspire me to be better. ~Jill Diehl

I love the opportunities that Fordham gives its students...from internships to the liberal arts core to alumni networks and community service opportunities Fordham always challenges students to try something new and take advantage of unique opportunities! ~Shannon McKenna

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