Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Rainy Saturday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rainy days at Fordham are the perfect time to travel into the city and take advantage of the wonderful museums. Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a group of my friends. 

Since the Metro North has weekend city passes for $4, the transportation was cheap. Additionally, the Met has a recommended admission rate. This means guests are allowed to donate as much as they are able to. For poor college students who are on a low budget and are looking for something fun to do, this is a great opportunity!  

We walked around the Met and explored different exhibits. Every time I go to the Met I always discover a different section of artwork that I had not previously seen. Today I spent a lot of time looking at American Art because the last time I was there I focused on the Egyptian Art. 

One of my favorite exhibits is the large house with the many different rooms. It is always cool to see rooms decorated so nicely with antiques. 

 I love the Met because it has so much to see! 

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