Monday, March 31, 2014

Broccoli Always Down

A few weeks ago, February 28th to be exact, my friends and I attended Fordham LC’s annual Winter Ball. Each year USG (United Student Government) and CAB (Campus Activities Board) come together to create a fun and one-of-a-kind event for the Fordham community. In the past, Winter Ball was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, The Roosevelt, Tavern on the Green, and many more.
This year's theme was masquerade
Dressed to the nines, Fordham students gathered to celebrate another year in the “ramily.” The masquerade themed shindig was held at Three Sixty in Tribeca. Talk about views! The place had floor to ceiling glass windows that displayed a million (or probably closer to 50 million) dollar scene of NYC. 

My roommate and I on the "red carpet"
So on top of having a space as sick as this, we also got treated to the incredible three course meal. Tip of the night: Apparently, there is a specific way in that the plate is supposed to be positioned on the table, which my waiter quite peculiarly pointed out to me by spinning turning my the dish and telling me, “Broccoli, always down.” Good to know?

Looks to good to eat...well...
In between the glorious helpings, the majority of the party could be found out on the dance floor, working off all of those delectable calories. From throwback jams (jump, jump, jump, jump), to ‘90s classics (I’m talking to you, Britney), to the electronic pop of today (unce, unce, unce), the nigh's music bumped through the speakers. The dance floor was packed with bodies getting down and it was a good time.
To dance or to eat?
Being a senior, it was a so nice to be able to get together with all of my Fordham friends, get dressed up, and just being with each other. To not have to worry about papers, or internships, and just be present in the moment with people that are closest to me was an incredible experience. It was a night of dancing, laughing, great food, amazing views and an all around grand time to be a ram! 

Table 16.

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