Sunday, March 16, 2014

When in London!

One piece of advice you learn shortly after arriving in London is that it's called "football", not "soccer", and it is a "match" not a "game".  This Saturday a few of us in the London Liberal Arts program took the tube to go see a football match. It was so exciting to see a sporting event in London. We travelled to the White City stop on the Central line and made our way with other fans to Loftus Road Stadium, home of the Queens Park Rangers. We saw a really good match between the Queen's Park Rangers (referred to here as QPR) and Leeds United. We were only a few rows up form the field, so we were really close to all the action on the field! The match ended in a draw, 1-1, but we were able to see two goals, which are always exciting to see. 

After the match, I had to go shopping so I stopped on Oxford Street on my way back to our flat. I love walking through all the shops (Oxford Street is one of the main shopping streets of London, and has Top Shop, Forever 21, H&M, and a bunch of other shops to explore, too!). One of my favorite stores is Selfridge's, a huge department store. It reminds me of home and the Macy's in Herald Square (that's how enormous it is). When I had completed my shopping I walked home up Oxford Street and past the British Museum, getting back to our flat just in time for dinner. 

Even better, is that my day of football and shopping had academic elements added to it. Fordham's London Liberal Arts Program involves a Research Module, in which each student in the program picks a topic about London they want to investigate over the course of the semester. I chose to study the football culture of London, and how the sports system here differs from the one in the US. So there will definitely be more football matches for me in the coming months! 

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