Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Major Spotlight: International Political Economy

A major reason why I chose Fordham four years ago was the wide variety of majors it offers to students.  As a liberal arts school, Fordham gives students the opportunity to study subjects beyond the basic humanities and sciences, offering many interdisciplinary majors that are not offered at every university.  An example is my major, International Political Economy (IPE).  The International Political Economy major is meant to teach students about the politics and economics that affect how nations and their economies interact with and rely on one another.  It’s very interesting to learn how interdependent our world is becoming, and it’s an area of study that is very practical and useful in everyday life.

The requirements for the major are based in the Political Science and Economics Departments: I’ve had to take Intro to International Politics, International Political Economy, Basic Macroeconomics, Basic Microeconomics, International Economic Policy, and Statistics I and II.  In addition, we are required to take Comparative Cultures, an anthropology course.  The last four courses are electives, which we can choose based on our track.  There are three tracks within the IPE major: Foreign Language Elective Track, Global Business Track, and the General Elective Track.  If you are following the Foreign Language Elective Track, you must take four courses in the same foreign language.  The Global Business Track requires students to take Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting and two other International Economics Courses.  The General Elective Track (which I am on) requires any four international courses within anthropology, economics, history, modern foreign languages, political science, or sociology.  As my electives, I’ve taken Crime and Punishment in Europe, British Politics, Intermediate Spanish II, and Spanish Language and Literature.

The IPE major makes it very easy to minor in Modern Foreign Languages or Business Administration.  I am minoring in Business and three of the seven minor requirements overlap with requirements for my major.  Having completed all of the requirements for my IPE major, I feel well rounded and as if I know more about what is going on in the world around me.  It has prepared me for a career in almost any field, such as law, public policy, or working for a non-profit organization.  I think my major is one of my favorite aspects of Fordham, and I think it’s a great example of the strong academic tradition and cosmopolitan education that Fordham has to offer its students.

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