Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Glimpse into the FCRH Core

One of the reasons I chose to attend Fordham was because of the core.  Although I am majoring in computer science and math, I still enjoy dabbling in other subjects.  With the core, I am able to take a classes in a variety of subjects, from literature, to history, to science, and everything in between.  Some of my favorite classes have been part of the core curriculum.  Here are a few of my favorites, which may give you a sense of the variety of course you can take:

In Latin American History with Dr. Penry, we studied the history of Central and South America starting from the ancient civilizations of the Mayans, Incans, and Aztecs, and made our way up the modern Bolivian Water Wars.  I enjoyed this class because Dr. Penry presented the material in multiple forms, including lectures, primary source accounts, and even films.

For my Texts and Contexts core requirement, I took Dr. Hassett’s New Yorker Tales course.  My only required texts was a subscription to The New Yorker, and each week we would read and discuss a particular short-story from a previous issue of the magazine.  I loved that this class was discussed-based.  Professor Hassett structured her class so that every student participated, and no one dominated the conversation.

Where I take my theology course
I took Dr.Sanzari’s Physics of Light and Color course for my natural science course.  I was apprehensive about this class because I didn’t particularly enjoy my high school physics course, but Dr. Sanzari’s sense of humor really made the class fun.  We covered topics including lasers, optics, and light, but Dr. Sanzari was also open to explaining any topic we were curious about.

I am currently fulfilling my core requirement for Sacred Texts and Traditions.  I am taking Dr. Peppard’s Intro to the New Testament course.  I went to public school, so I never took a formal religion course before coming to Fordham.  I was apprehensive about not knowing as much as my peers, but Dr. Peppard has taken into account the different backgrounds of all his students.  I find the class interesting because we are comparing the different books of the New Testament, through readings, discussions, lectures, and even debates.  This week for one of our classes, Dr. Peppard arranged for the entire class to take a field trip to the Cloisters Museum.  We are going to be viewing art that pertains to what we have been studying in class.  This field trip is just another perk of going to school in NYC.

Although some might think that “core” and “chore” are synonymous, I am so grateful to be able to explore many different subjects and receive a liberal arts education.  My professors are experts in their respective fields and enjoy sharing their passions with students.  

To learn more about the FCRH core curriculum click here.

A bonus perk of the core is that you experience the true beauty of Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, because your core classes take place in many of the different academic buildings around campus.  One of my favorite buildings is Duane Library, which used to be Fordham’s library, but is now home to the Theology department and undergraduate admissions.  

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