Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Has Sprung at Fordham!

I know almost every Fordham student, like myself, has been yearning for the long awaited spring that we felt was never going to make an appearance.  However, as the temperatures begin to raise and the winter coats begin to disappear it seems that spring has sprung here in New York! One of the tell tale signs that the weather is nice here at Fordham is when you see Edwards Parade, the large grassy area in front of Keating Hall, filled with students soaking up the sun!  Students can just lay out, do some homework, or take part in the multiple frisbee or soccer games going on around you. 
Below are some pictures of Eddies and Keating on Thursday when it was packed with students!

Spending time on Eddies is not the only thing that Fordham students love to do once warm weather approaches.  If you are looking for a change of scenery one very easy option is to cross the street and wander in to the New York Botanical Garden.  All Fordham students are admitted free of charge to the gardens so no need to worry about what toll it may take on your wallet!  Here you can go for a run, walk, or just hang out and get some studying done while enjoying the amazing surroundings.  After you can take a walk down Arthur Avenue with your friends and enjoy a delicious meal or some gelato! 

Spring semester is my personal favorite here at Fordham, especially when the weather gets nice, because everyone is constantly outside and there are so many fun things to do! The spring semester includes the long-awaited Spring Weekend including fun events, such as concerts, dances, and speakers! All in all this warmer weather only means great things to come as the semester begins to wind down and I cannot wait to take full advantage of all Fordham's unbeatable location has to offer! 

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