Friday, April 25, 2014

Study Tours with Fordham!

On every campus tour I went on during my college search, I heard about the study abroad opportunities that the school offered. However, I knew that it was pointless to get excited about the study abroad options since my parents were completely against the idea of me leaving the country for a full semester. When I heard about Fordham's Study Tour options, however, I finally found my opportunity to study abroad! 

Fordham offers many Study Tours throughout the year for all different subject areas. The Study Tours vary in length, but they are shorter versions of studying abroad while still counting for course credit. These Study Tours usually take place over the Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks. Many of the Study Tours fulfill core and major requirements. This means that you get to see another part of the world while still staying on track with your studies!

The British Crown Jewels
I have participated in an International Business Study Tour to London and Paris, and I am participating in another one to Beijing next month! I absolutely loved my Study Tour to London and Paris. It was an amazing learning opportunity both about international business and the local cultures of London and Paris. I am really looking forward to experiencing Chinese culture and business in Beijing next month! I am taking some basic Mandarin classes to prepare...hopefully they help!

I also have friends who have participated in some other really fun Study Tours. 

One of my friends took an International Finance course in Turkey over Spring break. He actually loved it so much in Turkey that he is planning on spending all of next semester there on a semester-long study abroad opportunity. 
Another offering that my friends are taking advantage of is through the Theology department. In July, the Theology department is running a two-week Reformation Texts Study Tour to Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. This Study Tour also counts for a Sacred Texts & Traditions core requirement! 

We climbed the Eiffel Tower!
I have only highlighted a few of Fordham's many Study Tour options, but they are really great opportunities for students. For me, they allow me to study abroad on shorter trips so that my parents are willing to let me experience studying abroad. For my friend who participated in the International Finance Study Tour, he was able to decide whether or not Turkey was where he wanted to spend an entire semester. Many of my friends, however, just hear about an awesome Study Tour that is being offered and decide to take the course. 

I know that my experience with Study Tours has been amazing, and I would definitely recommend it to every student who comes to Fordham!

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