Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Fordham?

Why Fordham?

The best, and toughest, advice I ever received throughout the college process was “go with your gut feeling.”  It sounds simple, but how do we know what feeling is the right feeling?  For me, it may sound silly, one of my main requirements when visiting schools was that I wanted to see students tossing around a football or playing Frisbee on their quad if it was a nice day out.  Well, when I came to Fordham and saw students playing on Eddie’s Parade, a little light went off in my head.  And well, I started listening to my gut feeling.  

Students on Martyr's Lawn for Spring WEekend
I think Fordham’s picturesque setting at our Rose Hill campus creates an energizing and amicable atmosphere.  For example, spring at Fordham is absolutely beautiful – it is hard to leave campus for breaks, especially for the summer.  Students come together to close the year on a positive note.  Visitors can see campus fully alive, as students are everywhere, either having lunch, reading a book, or relaxing with friends on Eddie’s Parade or Martyr’s Lawn.  This weekend was our Spring Weekend, which is always a great way to end the school year and set the tone for the following year.  The weekend is jam packed with special DJ guests for Friday night, different music artists for the day concert on Saturday, and ends on Sunday with a comedy act.  This is the most anticipated weekend of the year, and genuinely highlights the good-spirit of the students at Fordham.

So why Fordham?  Because the community here is so refreshingly welcoming that it is hard to not be anywhere but here.  I know how this may sound, but it is so true.  During my freshman year, I always counted down the days until breaks would end so that I could be back with my friends at school.  I especially love the warmer weather here at Fordham – everyone’s upbeat mood is stimulating, which truly captures what it means to be a Fordham Ram.

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