Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Update: Fordham in Full Bloom

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Fordham is back to a normal Monday, but this past weekend - and April in general - is an exciting time of the year jam packed with events, such as Latin Gala, Global Outreach Gala, and Spring Weekend (just to mention a few)! Check out below how our students made the most of it!

Jennifer Delgado

I went to Fordham's Latin Gala event on April 4th. It was so much fun, dancing to salsa, meringue, and bachata all night long with my friends. I love all the cultural events at Fordham.

Alyssa Carmusciano

This weekend was Spring Weekend at Fordham! One of the highlights was the Under the Tent Dance. The theme was Kentucky Derby, and my friends and I had a great time dancing in our best attire and hats! 

Victoria Cappucci

This weekend at Fordham was our Spring Weekend- the most anticipated weekend of the year!  My favorite part of the weekend is always the day concert on Saturday, where I heard artists Cartel and The Cold War Kids with my fellow classmates from RHS.

Danielle Smith

This weekend I went to the Under the Tent Dance hosted by RHA (Residence Hall Association). This year's theme was Kentucky Derby. It was a lot of fun to go get dressed up and go to the dance with all of my friends! 

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