Saturday, September 27, 2014

Being a Senior at Fordham

As Senior Year started, pretty much the only questions I got from family, family friends and random strangers was “wow you’re a senior, what are you going to do post graduation?” I hate getting this question as much as everyone else does. It puts us on the spot to declare a course of action for the rest of our lives. It also erases the importance of this year as just time spent planning for something else and puts a preemptive end to our time as college students. 

Luckily Fordham has helped me strike a balance. By living so close to New York City, I get to intern three days a week at the French Investment Bank where I worked this summer. My advisor even helped me work my schedule so I can have all my classes packed into two days. I love my internship. I love the people I work with, I love my boss and I love the work I do there.  I find every day I go into the office to be exciting and challenging, and gives me a chance to perform at my absolute best.
 But at the same time, Fordham has shaped our senior year to be one of continuous growth. I’m taking a values seminar, a capstone course that takes an interdisciplinary look at different issues and I’m going to senior night, where my entire class dresses up like what our child selves wanted to be “when we grew up”. 
 All of this is a great way to “grow up” this year. I am excited for the future, I feel happy that I have found a career path that I love and look forward to doing every day. But I am also excited for the now. I am excited for dinners in the city with friends, snowball fights on Eddies and for continuing to learn and grow into the person I will be when I put on my cap and gown on that distant day in May. Fordham isn’t done with me yet and I’m not done with Fordham. Fordham has taught me that every day is a chance to learn something new. And continuing to learn is exactly what I intend to do post graduation.

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