Friday, September 26, 2014

Express Yourself

I began dancing at a very young age, and as I  grew up, dance has always remained a huge part of my life. When I was searching for colleges, my plan was to search for a college with dance team that I could audition for. I wanted to continue competitively dancing like I did in high school. When I visited Fordham, however, I absolutely fell in love with the school, with no mind to how I could continue to dance (because at the time I had no idea what Fordham offered in the dance department). In fact, I loved Fordham so much that I was willing to sacrifice a dance team just to go here, and so on April 29, 2012 I committed to Fordham University class of 2017.

The company from Spring 2014!!
Expressions at the Club Fair looking for incoming dancers!
The summer before I attended the university, I worked with a girl who not only went to Fordham but was a dancer as well. She told me about the dance club she had joined, Expressions Dance Alliance (EDA), and how on the company, she made some of her best friends and greatest memories at Fordham. So, on the day of the club fair my freshmen year, I sought out Expressions Dance Alliance for the audition date. I ended up making the company, and it has been one of the greatest things to happen to me at Fordham thus far. I love all of the girls in the company, and I  found a way to keep dance in my life when I had thought I had lost it.

Practicing on stage before our show!!
Expressions is student-run, and our dances are student-choreographed, so my second semester on the company, I got a chance to choreograph a dance for our recital. Any girl in the company can audition a dance to choreograph, and if it makes it past choreography auditions, dancers will vote to be in it, and it will be in the show. Each choreographer's dance practices for one hour a week, and every dancer must come for a three hour rehearsal on Sunday nights (one for class, and two for company dances). At the end of every semester, we have two shows, usually in Collins auditorium. Friends and family can finally see what we've spent hours working for the whole semester!

EDA has been such an awesome part of my Fordham experience, and a great outlet that takes me away from the stress of college; however, it is not the only other dance club/team that Fordham has. Flava is Fordham's incredible hip-hop club, and the Dance Team performs at sporting events and keeps the fans excited! 

So far this semester, Expressions has welcomed five fantastic new dancers, and we are currently rehearsing for our show in late November! We have our first company event tomorrow night, and are so excited to see where the rest of our Fall 2014 company goes. 

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