Thursday, September 18, 2014

Exploring the Different Boroughs

Being so close to Manhattan and the other boroughs of New York City is one of the major attributes of Fordham that make it such a special and unique place to go to school.  Exploring beyond the campus and the neighborhood around Rose Hill is a significant part of the Fordham experience.  In addition to the fun student activities that occur on campus every weekend, most students venture into Manhattan, but this past weekend my friends and I decided to spend some time in another borough, Queens!

Getting ready to run 13.1 miles!
My friends and I have spent the summer months and the start of the school year training for a half-marathon that took place in Queens on September 14th.  The course for the race ran through Flushing Meadows – Corona Park (The same park where the U.S. Open takes place.)  The race started at 8 am, so my friends and I got up early on Sunday morning to get to Queens.  It was really easy to do using the app Uber.  This app finds safe and certified drivers in your area and is significantly cheaper than taxis throughout the NYC.  Even as a senior, I’m still learning about new ways to get around the city.  It was only a 20-minute drive.  I was surprised to realize that we were that close to Queens, and I had never been there before!
Enjoying some hard-earned bagels after the race with friends.
It was a beautiful day, and the park was the perfect location for a race.  After we all finished, we enjoyed the weather and walked around the area and had a delicious post-race meal at a diner close by.  My friends and I were so proud of our accomplishment, and it was a great way to explore a new area.  Going into my final year at Fordham, I love discovering that there is still so much New York City has to offer and so much left to explore! 

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