Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It’s Always A Good Day To Be A Ram- Even After You Graduate.

My best friend Jenn who graduated last year!
 She couldn't stay away!
One of the many aspects that Fordham University has to offer is tradition. These traditions are carried over from generation to generation of Fordham Rams, and the way in which these traditions are carried over is through Fordham’s very own tradition postal service, if you will: alumni. As I am in my second year at Fordham, I have experienced many of the events on campus that generate a huge alumni population, and one of our biggest ones was this weekend for Homecoming.
I was a 'foam finger enthusiast' 
Thank you to the ram- I hunted him down for a picture!

Days leading up to the big game students watched as the oh-so-grand Alumni Tent was pitched in the middle of Edward’s Parade. Students and Alumni alike literally hit the ground running during the third annual Homecoming 5K Run around campus. As I walked over to the game, I overheard two men talking about the run. After giving each other a high five, I overheard one say to the other “Wasn’t it great to run around campus again? It’s like it was yesterday.” This got me thinking. I passed through various alumni at the game, too. They were all laughing and cheering, and I couldn’t help but overhear all of their memories that they were discussing. I think I heard “it’s so good to be back!” over 100 times. The unity of Fordham is ever lasting, and alumni are one of most prideful aspects of Fordham. They want to know how Fordham is now; they want to be ever connected with their alma mater. This for me is a beautiful thing that Fordham has to offer, and I know that in three years, and more to come, I will be on Edward’s Parade, Jack Coffey Field, and Arthur Avenue screaming, “it’s good to be back!”

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