Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall at Rose Hill

A picture taken while jogging through the Botans.
Nothing beats the beauty of Rose Hill's campus this time of year- we weren't voted the "12th College Campus Most Made for Instagram" for nothing! The combination of changing leaves and cooler weather makes the atmosphere on campus even more exciting. The Botanical Gardens across the street from Rose Hill are especially beautiful this time of year. Students are seen frequently jogging through the trails or even studying in the gardens. Admission is free to the Botanical Gardens, so I make sure to take full advantage of them during the warmer months!

Keating Hall is also especially beautiful this time of year. It stands tall surrounded by colorful foliage and fallen leaves. Students take advantage of Eddie's by studying, eating, or just hanging out with friends before the weather gets cold. Soon enough, the lawn will be covered by snow, so students are making sure to make the most of these last few weeks!
Keating Hall admist the changing leaves.
With Halloween and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, students are keeping themselves busy with midterms. However, there are also a ton of fun activities happening around campus that students are keeping themselves involved in, such as football games, fundraisers and other campus and club sponsored activities. Fall is beautiful at Rose Hill, and our students love to keep themselves involved in all the campus and the Bronx has to offer.

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