Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Early Action Deadline is November 1st!

Colorful folders make organizing application material way more fun!
It's seems like just yesterday that I was completing my application for Fordham University...but it was actually 4 years ago! Yikes! Time really does fly by. So for all of you prospective students, relish every moment! For me, applying to college was the most exciting time of my high school career. Organizing and crafting every piece of my application was like putting one foot toward my future.
Now I am jumping toward my future by applying to graduate schools and fellowship opportunities for post-graduation!! This means writing another personal statement, and taking another standardized test, and making sure I get all my letters of recommendation. Fordham has been such a great help in getting me ready for grad school. I have taken practice free GRE tests rights on campus, and my advisors have been continuously critiquing my personal statement. While applications seems tedious now, I know that pursuing further education and fellowship experience will make me the ideal candidate for competitive job positions in the future. I hope to pursue an MA in Public Policy which will, hopefully, allow me to work within legislative government, or just let me leap right into the White House ;) Wish me luck! And good luck to prospective students! May the odds be every in your favor. 

Almost as daunting as the SAT!
Just a few reminders to myself.


Completing your application for early action is a non-binding commitment, but a good way for the admissions staff to get a jump on holistically reviewing your material. It shows your interest in Fordham and allows for an early admission decision. You still have until May 1st, the national decision deadline, to make your final decision.

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