Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Math Major

As one would assume, the major a person decides to pursue says a lot about him/her. This is mainly because a student's major directs some if not many of the activities that he/she gets involved in. Now that the November 1st Early Action Deadline is approaching and you are trying to decide where to apply, something else that you are probably considering is what you will be majoring in at the school that you eventually end up attending. I have known from a young age that I want to be a teacher when I get older, and in high school, my math skills encouraged me to pursue a degree in mathematics through which I hope to become a high school math teacher. While I know math is generally not most students' favorite subject, for those of you interested in math or thinking about pursuing math, here is a little taste of what being a math major at Fordham consists of. 

John Mulcahy Hall, or JMH as it is commonly referred to by Fordham students, is home to the math department. Consequently, most if not all, math classes offered at Fordham will be located in this building. 
Central Room of the Math Department-Often students and professors are found working together on the blackboard to solve a difficult problem. 

Interestingly enough, I am currently in four math classes and every single one of them is even in the same classroom! So, Monday through Friday my friends know they can most commonly find me in JMH 406. 

JMH 406- This classroom has great technology and chairs that swirl around so that you can face any of the boards when needed. 
When I am not spending my time in JMH 406, I am also frequently attending office hours and spending time in the math help room. Attending office hours and going to the math help room are both extremely useful resources to help math majors with their homework and test preparation. All of the math professors have specific office hours, as do professors in all other departments. Every single one of my math professors makes him/herself available whenever possible. Sometimes I find myself stuck on a math problem late at night and e-mail my teacher only to get a response back within five minutes. However, when your specific professor may not be around to answer a question, the math help room is also a very useful resource. Each hour a different professor is assigned to the math help room to answer any questions that one may be struggling with. 
The Math Help Room- A schedule is posted on the door of when different professors will be in the Math Help Room 
Being a math major is not all homework and studying, however. The math department hosts speakers who give talks on a wide variety of topics that generally apply math to real world scenarios. Before these talks, a different professor each week will bring in cookies and tea for "tea-time." "Tea-time" is a great time to socialize with other math majors and professors and hear about problems that others within the department are working on. 

"Tea-time" Cookie Sign-Up Sheet in the Math Department
Posting of the latest talks happening within the Department 
Other opportunities for math majors, which I take advantage of, are being a member of the Math Club and working as a grader for math professors. I am currently the treasurer for the Math Club, and it is just another great way to get to know fellow math majors. Secondly, as a student grader, I get paid to correct homework assignments. It is a great way to get a bit of extra cash each week! 

There are so many cool things offered for math majors here at Fordham (as for other majors I am sure)! However, when deciding what to mark off on your application for Fordham, consider becoming a math major! 

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