Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year again when campus looks exceptionally beautiful due to the fall foliage.  When the leaves change, it’s a signal that Halloween is near.  Campus Activities Board helps students celebrate this holiday with Halloweek, where they host festive events the week leading up to Halloween.  

Keating Hall on a crisp fall morning
One of my favorite events is the annual pumpkin patch, where CAB distributes free pumpkins to students.  This past weekend, my roommates and I carved one of the pumpkins we picked up.  And when I say “we,” I mean that I did all of the carving, but my roommates did help scoop out the seeds, which we roasted and had as a late night snack.
I decided to carve my favorite Disney character, Stitch.  After 3 hours of work I think he turned out well!

The final project 

Posters advertising all the fun activities for Halloweek
Another Halloweek event that I attended was Bingo on Sunday night.  Whenever CAB hosts Bingo, it is a big deal.  Fordham sweatshirts and blankets are highly coveted by students, and the grand prizes are quite impressive; past grand prizes have included iPads and digital cameras.  This year, I won for the first time, and I was actually one of the grand prize winners!  My prize fit the theme of Halloweek because I won four tickets to Blood Manor, a popular haunted house in the city.  CAB was even thoughtful enough to include MetroCards for the trip.  I am looking forward to treating my friends to a thrilling night! 

Other events around campus this week include showings of the 80s classic Ghostbusters, a spooky open mic night at Rodrigue's, the student run coffee house on campus, and a raffle for free tickets to see Wicked on Broadway.  

Fordham students love getting into the spirit of Halloween, and you will find many of them dressed up in costume tonight in celebration, sharing ghost stories and scary legends.  If you’re curious about just how spooky Fordham is alleged to be, check out this link to our library’s page on the topic.

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