Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fordham Famou$

Cameras outside Dealy!

You probably hear it all the time. And, if you’ve visited campus at least once, you’ll know exactly how true it is: Fordham is beautiful. Beautiful. There isn’t a single season that fails to show off Fordham’s impeccable architecture, beautiful landscaping, and energetic atmosphere. Whether the campus is covered in snow in the winter or blooming with bright colors in the spring, you feel like you’re walking through a storybook.

Currently, as the leaves change from green to red and yellow, we feel like we’re walking not through storybooks, but instead, through… movie sets?

Casually walking through a movie set.
Over the past few weeks, Fordham’s been taken over by cameras and production people. If you’re familiar with Rose Hill’s presence on the screen, you’re already well-aware of the fact that this campus has been featured in movies like “The Exorcist” and “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”, shows like “White Collar” and "Saturday Night Live”, and even the music video for “What’s Luv?” (Fat Joe ft. Ashanti).
Props table!

Currently, the new CBS show “Madame Secretary” also found a home here at Rose Hill. It’s amazing walking out of class and feeling like I’m suddenly on a Hollywood sound-stage. The filming takes place right in the middle of campus; I can literally walk through a set amidst beautifully-dressed actors and extras on my way to class!

Walking filming from our apartment windows!
Aside from “Madame Secretary”, there are numerous other productions being filmed on campus. Just the other week, we spent an hour hanging out at Keating, watching a protest scene being filmed. Later that day, we watched extras dressed in ‘70’s apparel playing a soccer game – I was surprised at how many takes it took before the directors were happy with the shot.

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