Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rams Rule! Sporting Events at Fordham

One of my favorite things about Fordham is the amount of school spirit we have on campus. Even though Fordham is in the middle of a city, all of our sports are Division I, and there are plenty of games and spirit events to go to on campus! I love going to games at Fordham. Fordham students can attend any game on campus for free, just by showing their students IDs. This is a great opportunity to dress in maroon and show some school spirit!

My roommate and I wore maroon to the football game to support our Rams!
Last weekend, my two friends and I went to Fordham Football’s game against Lafayette University. The stands were packed with students and alumni, and everyone was dressed to impress in Fordham gear. The game was very exciting, and I loved seeing our Rams play. Every time Fordham scored, the stands erupted with cheers. Fordham’s football team is very talented, and that talent definitely showed at the game. In the end, the Fordham Rams defeated Lafayette 42-18.
We got a free Fordham Football t-shirt when we went to the game 

My friends and I had a great time at the game last weekend, and I can’t wait to attend more sporting events as the year goes on. Seeing all of my friends cheering and supporting athletics at Fordham is amazing. I do not play sports at Fordham, but I love going to the games to cheer and support my fellow Rams! Fordham is a school filled with spirit. No matter what activities and clubs you choose to do at Fordham, there will always be Rams there to support you!
Coffey Field was filled with fans dressed in maroon. Go Rams!

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