Monday, October 6, 2014

Study Abroad: finding the right fit for you!

I know that when looking at schools, study abroad is a big factor for a lot of kids. I know that every tour I went on, without fail, at least one person would ask about study abroad programs.

Coming to Fordham, I knew that I wanted to study abroad, but I just wasn’t sure what program was right for me. I convinced myself that a semester was what I wanted and planned for that. As the date approached, I became nervous and when I sat down with my parents to talk about it, I realized that 4 months was too long for me personally. At first I was upset, thinking that study abroad was now completely off the table. I made an appointment with the study abroad office, and my experience with them was great! They assured me that there were still other options, and I could still get the study abroad experience without going for a semester.

Fordham offers 4 programs in 3 cities. There is a Fordham London program for both Rose Hill and Gabelli students, a Granada, Spain program, and a Pretoria, South Africa program. The study abroad office is super helpful and gives out regular presentations and information sessions on the different programs offered.

Where am I going, you ask? I’m in between two programs, both in Italy. I’ll either go to Florence or Rome, and I’ve researched two different programs, one in each city and I love both! If a Fordham program isn’t right for you, you can go through another school. I’m super stuck between the two but it’s a good kind of stuck, I know I’ll make a great decision either way! Whether you want to study abroad for a semester, for a summer, or even for a year, Fordham has great programs and the office is super helpful with any questions you may have. Bon voyage!

My roommate Xia Madonis who studied abroad through the Fordham London program!

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