Sunday, October 5, 2014

Theatre Community at Fordham

Theatre and preforming have been two of my favorite things for as long as I can remember. All throughout middle school and high school I was involved in theatre in one way or another. My situation at Fordham isn’t any different. Fordham is home to countless theatre groups on campus, and there is almost always some type of free, or cheap entertainment taking place on campus every weekend! Whether you like to be onstage, behind the scenes, or just a member of the audience, Fordham has a place for you!

This is Collin's Auditorium, home to both the main stage and black box theatre
Fordham has three main theatre groups. The Mimes and Mummers, Fordham Experimental Theatre (or “FET”), and Theatrical Outreach Program (better known as “TOP”).  The Mimes and Mummers is Fordham’s oldest theatre troupe on campus.  They preform two shows a semester on the main stage in Collins auditorium.  This year the Mimes will be preforming “Spamalot” “Rent” and “Inherit the Wind.”  Just this past week they preformed “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.” I saw it, and it was absolutely incredible!  Fordham Experimental theatre is Fordham’s largest theatre group on campus. FET also puts up two shows a semester.  In addition to regular shows, FET is home to 4 umbrella groups including an improv troupe, sketch comedy group, standup comedy group, and a spoken word group.  All FET productions take place in a small creative space in the back of Collins called “The Black Box.”  Last but certainly not least, is Theatrical Outreach Program.  The Theatrical Outreach Program performs abridged versions of classical plays and performs them on campus, as well as at local elementary schools.

This is the black box home to FET and its umbrella groups: sketch comedy, standup, improve and spoken word
I am so excited to be a part of TOP’s first ever one acts festival this year! TOP is holding a one acts festival on family weekend while short one act plays like “The Lottery” and “The Intruder” will be performed. This is my first year I have been involved with TOP.  Last year I was in a few Fordham Experimental theatre shows, including the all student written and produced show called “A Boat on The Shore.” Perhaps one of the most exciting things about Fordham’s theatre programs is that you can be involved in more than one at a time! I have friends who are involved in all three groups.  Having been involved with various theatre groups on campus over the course of three semesters,  I can attest to the fact that each cast becomes it's own little family. I have built long lasting friendships through my theatrical endeavors here at Fordham and hope to build many more over the next three years.

This is the poster art For Theatrical Outreach Programs First two shows!

As you can see, there are plenty of different theatrical clubs to get involved with.  In addition, the theatre groups are not only in need of actors, you can also get involved in virtually any aspect of theatre you want whether it be stage management, hair and makeup, costumes, lighting. You name it! Even if you aren’t into any of that, you are always encouraged to come see your fellow rams show off their gifts and talents on stage! Theatre here at Fordham is more then just an extracurricular activity, it serves as an art form which brings all of us rams closer together as a community. 

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