Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Career Links At Your Service

One of Fordham’s greatest draws is that it is located right in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities: New York City. You could read past blog posts to learn more about all of the cultural opportunities that accompany our location (i.e. Broadway, Central Park, Fifth Ave, the Met); however, this would not even begin to describe the wellspring of its benefits. As a senior, the one that draws primary attention for me is employment prospects. 

About 68% of Fordham students graduate with secured employment. In a time of economic downturn, that is a fairly impressive feat. Though it is difficult to nail down the total number of undergrads participating in internships, the Gabelli School of Business estimates that 91% of its students have had at least one internship by the time they graduate. Though this number of course translates differently for the College of Liberal Arts, you’ll find that a fairly high percentage of majors in other disciplines also find work in different environments, whether they be research, education, computer science, etc. In a place like New York City, there is a fit for anyone who is willing to look hard enough for it.

Amenities such as Career Services and Career Links greatly assist students in the internship and job hunt. While Career Services puts students through their interview and resume-building paces, Career Links provides them with employment postings. You can narrow down the scope according to location, nature of work, semester, and even your past experience. No matter your background, it is nearly impossible not to find a workplace that will, well, work for you.

A view of Career Services webpage
Blog By: Sara Power

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