Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Update

The rain couldn't dampen our school spirit!
Teresa Swindal
This weekend at Fordham was especially exciting because it was both Halloween and Parent's Weekend. Even though I live far away and my parents weren't able to visit, it was still really fun to see all the Fordham pride and maroon from family members all over campus! The football game was especially fun, and the Rams absolutely crushed Colgate 37-13. Afterwards, we went out to dinner on Arthur Avenue, which is always delicious. It was nice to take advantage of the beautiful Fall weather this weekend before winter comes!

Great desserts and even better company!
Jessica Timko
This weekend my friends and I went to Serendipity, a restaurant famous for their indulgent desserts, on the East Side of Manhattan.  While we were waiting for a table, we decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and walked over to the scenic East River.  This walk turned out to be a great way to burn off some of the calories from our decadent dinner of chocolate cake and ice cream sundaes.

Freddy, Jason, and Wednesday looking for some spooks!
Yuliana Veyberman
Halloween's the one day a year where we can be something totally unlike ourselves. This year, my roommates and I chose to embrace the spirit of the holiday - which came on a Friday! - and dressed up as our favorite horror characters. We were Jason Voorhees (with axe, not machete - oops?), Wednesday from the Addams Family (looking uncharacteristically terrified), and Freddy Krueger (just in case you're wondering, that claw made me the hit of every party...). I hope you all had super spooky Halloweens as well!

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