Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holidays and Concerts at Fordham

Fordham has always been known for its holiday festivities. Every holiday season, both of Fordham’s campuses are decked out in lights, tinsel, and many kinds of holiday decorations. In addition to Fordham’s glorious holiday appearance, the university has many holiday festivities spread out through the month of December. My favorite way to get into the holiday spirit at Fordham is by attending the university’s annual Lessons and Carols Festival. This festival is comprised of two concerts held on both Fordham campuses. It features The Fordham University Choir, The Fordham University Women’s Choir, The Aily/Fordham B.F.A. in Dance Program, and The Bronx Arts Ensemble.
The Lessons and Carols Program Cover
I had the pleasure of attending The Lessons and Carols Festival on both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. I really enjoyed the choirs, the dancers, and the orchestra at both performances. The choirs sang beautiful holiday carols, and there were even opportunities for the audience to sing along! My roommate is in the Fordham University Women’s Choir, and seeing her and my other classmates perform was so much fun!
The Fordham University Women's Choir performing at
their Rose Hill Lessons and Carols concert

The Lessons and Carols Festival is one of many examples of the wonderful holiday spirit that Fordham embodies. Getting into the holiday spirit can be very difficult, especially during these stressful weeks before final exams. Going to holiday concerts like Lessons and Carols, and taking time to relax is very important for college students. Fordham does a great job encouraging students to relax, and to take time away from intense final exam studying to enjoy the holidays. I really enjoyed my time at The Lessons and Carols Festival, and I cannot wait to continue to celebrate my holidays at Fordham!

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