Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Staying Sane During Finals at Fordham

     As December rolls around, so does one of the most dreaded times of year for college students everywhere: finals. While finals at Fordham are certainly no joke when compared to other schools, that doesn't necessarily mean we have to suffer as badly as everyone else — and there's a lot to do around here to take the stress off your mind, even if it's only for an hour or two.

      To destress, CAB (Campus Activities Board) offers everything from free massages to stress relief puppies in the McGinley Student Center. Another common outing made by students to take a break from studying is to go christmas shopping; whether it be on 5th Avenue, Columbus Circle, SoHo, or online from the comfort of your own dorm. Each of those destinations are place people fly to New York from across the world to shop at, but for us it's just a subway, Metro-North, or Ram Van ride away!

The Foyer of the New York Public Library at Bryant Park
     If you're the kind of person who needs to lock yourself inside a library for hours on end to concentrate, Fordham certainly has you covered. With the Walsh Family Library at Rose Hill, and the Quinn and (brand new and beautiful) Law School Libraries at Lincoln Center, you won't have to go too far from your dorm or classroom. If you want a change of scenery however, the New York Public Library at Bryant Park is a common destination for many students, just a short ride away on the D train from either campus.

     If a library doesn't meet your needs and you need a more remote space to escape from school and really be able to concentrate, you're not alone once again. New York may seem like the distraction capital of the world, but there are precious pockets of the city that are perfect to get away from the buzz of campus and New York life in general. My personal favorite spot away from campus to read over my notes and prep for exams is the East River Promenade, that stretches from 60th to 98th street on the Upper East Side, a short ride away from campus on the 4 train.
A Panoramic View from the East River Promenade at Night
    But not to break from Fordham tradition, finals can never officially start until after the midnight breakfast on the last reading day— because how can you feel comfortable taking an exam if you didn't get your french toast sticks from Father McShane?

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