Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Father Phil's Bucket List

There are always tons of things going on around Fordham, several which are organized by the Campus Activities Board (CAB).  Last night in Keating 1st Auditorium, CAB hosted an event called “Father Phil’s Bucket List.”  He gave the students some inspiration about how to best spend their time in college, and how to take advantage of all that Fordham has to offer.  Father Phil started off with a quote from Howard Thurman:  “Ask yourself what makes you come alive and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  He spoke about the importance of discovering our personal mission and delving deep into all that we do.  He also said we should expand our minds by learning another language and reading more, both for school and leisure.  He discussed how following the news will help us to formulate our own opinions on current issues, giving us the tools to engage in critical thinking and meaningful discourse.

The view on my way home from studying abroad!
Father Phil also encouraged the students to go out and see the world in whatever way they can.  He talked about how much travel can broaden our horizons and change the way we see the world.  Through visiting other countries and continents, we can immerse ourselves into other cultures and learn not only about these people, but also learn more about ourselves in the process.  Here at Fordham there are countless study abroad programs available to students in various locations and for different lengths of time.  Whether it is a weeklong study tour, a month in the summer, or a whole semester, you can find a program that best suits you and your academic career path.  Father Phil also spoke about the importance of serving those in need, following in the Jesuit tradition.  Fordham has endless opportunities to help others not only in the local community, but also across the country and beyond through programs like Global Outreach.

Eddie's Parade at sunset
Another point that Father Phil spoke about was appreciation for nature.  He discussed the beauty that surrounds us here at Fordham, both on and off campus.  Just across the street from our main entrance is the New York Botanical Garden, where students can enter for free simply by showing their Fordham ID.  He also encouraged students to eat well, especially since just outside campus is Arthur Avenue, the heart of the Bronx’s “Little Italy.”  This area is lined with delicious Italian restaurants, pizzerias, and bakeries to explore.  Students can even visit Manhattan by the Ram Van, Metro-North, or subway.  Father Phil talked about the importance of exercise and, fortunately, Fordham has great gym facilities and even intramurals for students who want to participate in sports on a recreational level.  He ended with an old Italian proverb:  “With hard work and determination one can climb a mountain.  With Faith and imagination, one can move it!”

My intramural flag football team

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