Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun Activities for the New Semester

Imagine you've just come back to campus after winter break.  You are just starting your new classes and seeing your friends again after a few weeks away.  To help you get back in the swing of things, Fordham hosts a number of events that help returning students get ready for their new semester.

For students looking to become more involved with on-campus clubs or groups, there is a spring club fair that takes place during the first week of the new semester.  Various student groups gather in the McGinley Center, inviting other students to see what interests them and to join related clubs.  Additionally during the first few weeks, there are a number of auditions taking place for upcoming on-campus theatrical productions.

We weren't lucky enough to win Fordham blankets or a $200 Best Buy gift card this time,
but there's always next time!
If you're simply looking to spend a little time relaxing or unwinding during the beginning of the new semester, there are plenty of activities for that too!  From bingo to Cinevents movie showings (this week is Big Hero 6),  students can always find a way to enjoy their free time on campus.

Even though it's only the beginning of the semester, there's no shortage of ways to get involved or enjoy Fordham!

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