Saturday, January 31, 2015

Some Food for Thought

When I came to Fordham, I was definitely nervous about the food. My mom is an amazing cook, so I was not looking forward to the dreaded "college food." However, I have been quite pleased with Fordham's dining options. They offer many options, so I am able to enjoy a well-balanced and varied diet while I'm away at Fordham. Although the food is good at Fordham, I must say that I still crave food from home. Therefore, I take full advantage of the kitchens in the Residence Halls. The upperclassmen Residence Halls have kitchens in each suite, and the underclassmen Residence Halls have community kitchens for the residents to share. With multiple grocery stores close to campus, I am able to run to the store whenever I am craving something that is not offered in one of the Fordham dining centers.

As a freshman RA, I have found that food is a big draw for residents to attend programs. Many of my programs involve food in some way. I have regular hall dinners with my residents in which I cook dinner for all of the girls in my hall. For the last snow storm, several residents in the building helped me bake cookies for all of the men and women who were shoveling snow for us on campus. We saved some cookies for ourselves, though!

Cherry Lemon Bars
Food is a great way for people to get to know one another. I have found that whenever I bake or cook, people in the building come down to the kitchen to see who's cooking what. I always try to make extra so that I can share whatever I'm making with others. I am certainly not the only one who does this in my Residence Hall. A sure way to make new friends in college is to offer some freshly baked cookies to your neighbors. It's always a good idea to hang around the kitchen on snowy days when you don't feel like walking outside to get food because someone will probably be coming down to the kitchen to make something to share very soon.

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