Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fordham Rams in France

Going into my last semester at Fordham, I have looked back at all of the great experiences I have had during my time here.  One of the biggest decisions I made while being at Fordham was going abroad the spring semester of my junior year.  It took a lot of planning, but with the help of Fordham’s International Study Abroad Programs I was able to have an amazing time abroad. 

The first decision I had to make was deciding where to go.  I ended up in Paris after researching various programs and discussing all of my options during meetings in ISAP.  The office was really helpful and provided a lot of information on picking classes, obtaining a visa, and choosing a program.  I chose Academic Programs Abroad (APA) and would be taking all of my classes in French and living with a host family. 

I arrived in Paris in January and was abroad until June. I can’t believe it has already been a year since I left! It was an amazing experience.  Living with a host family and talking classes in French was a lot of hard work at times, but I feel like I was able to learn so much.  Paris was a great city to explore for the semester.  I felt prepared to take on another city after having explored New York City for a few years. 

Fordham friends and I at Abbey Road in London

In addition to Paris, I was able to travel around France and Europe visiting other friends who were also abroad at the time.  I visited Fordham friends in London, a friend from home in Florence, and met friends for a weekend in Barcelona.  It was an incredible experience to see so many different cities, museums, and eat tons of delicious foods.  It was sad to miss out on a semester of Fordham activities, but I am so glad that I was able to make study abroad a part of my Fordham experience!  

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