Thursday, January 29, 2015

Walking In A (Fordham) Winter Wonderland

A Snowy Fordham!
Ah. Snow days. The ultimate childhood memory. Well here at Fordham, we relived those memories on Tuesday! Monday afternoon all students were notified that classes after one PM would be canceled- and that Tuesday would be canceled as well! You could see the excitement from all the students- we were ready to curl up with some hot coco (provided by the dorms and the Marketplace) and watch some well overdue Netflix. Residence halls provided more pizza and cookies than you could even imagine and movies were playing on a constant loop (Harry Potter anyone?). Everyone always says that Arthur Ave is the best place to eat around Fordham -and they're so right- but what is even better is that many of the Arthur Ave restaurants were happily making deliveries constantly to campus to the students who were just too inclined to stay in bed (guilty). So what is better than a childhood snow day? A colligate snow day. A Fordham Snow day.

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