Thursday, February 12, 2015

Physics and Music: An Academic Possibility Thanks to Double Majoring/Minoring at Fordham!

After multiple snow days and cold weather that makes it so tempting to just want to always stay inside, I am still determined to make spring semester start off on just the right foot! As a sophomore, I have more freedom in which core classes I wanted to take and I was particularly excited to be able to choose classes that I had interest in and which suited my schedule best. After much scrutiny of my schedule and of the classes that I still had to take, I decided to spice up my studies here at Fordham. Although I am an Engineering Physics major, I have always had a great love for music ever since I was little and I wanted to keep music as a hobby and a part of my life. I was so ecstatic to finally be able to add a Music minor to my studies this semester by starting off with an Intro to Music History class. Minoring and Double Majoring is not too difficult of a feat to accomplish at Fordham, in fact, many advisors encourage it! Each of Fordham’s academic departments offer such a range of classes that will definitely be able to fulfill a double major or a minor for anyone who is really interested in studying that field, despite what their intended major may be. My music minor, for example, requires me to take two mandatory classes, an Intro to Music History Class and a Musicianship course, as well as six other electives that I may choose from. I can even obtain some credit from my participation in Fordham University’s Schola Cantorum, which is a choir that sings at the 11:00am mass on Sundays regularly as well as holy days, and I could also receive credit from my weekly voice lessons from an instructor at Fordham’s Music Department. The flexibility that each academic department provides in its courses and its requirements for a major and minor all contribute in making sure that every Fordham student meets their academic goals for the major and/or minor they decide to pursue.
A standard practice room in Keating Hall's basement with a piano. I have my weekly voice lessons here and I also love to come here on my spare time to have a quiet, peaceful place to practice.

Two pieces that I am working on with Schola Cantorum, a choir at Fordham that sings at Sunday mass.
My Music History class is by far one of my most favorite classes that I have ever taken in my academic career. My professor, Dr. Eric Bianchi, has got to be one of the most engaging professors and lecturers that Fordham has and has made my interest in studying music stronger to this day. It’s quite a relief from my heavy physics and math workloads to be able to sit in class and listen to some Mozart and Bach to ease my stress.
My required textbook for Music History. It even comes with CDs of various historic musical recordings!

Fordham’s medium-sized student body and diverse course offerings within each academic department allows its students to take full advantage of their liberal arts education and gives them a chance to tailor their education based on their preferences and what they want to study. At Fordham, I don’t feel limited to just taking straight science and math courses. (I do love them of course!) But it is a wonderful feeling knowing that your academic advisors and professors will assist you on every step of the way in your academic endeavors.

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