Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cabarets...on Cabarets. Entertainment for a Good Cause at Fordham!

     Earlier this month, I had the great privilege of being a part of a variety show cabaret on campus featuring the many talented performing arts groups at Fordham. While it was an absolutely joy to see the groups come together, the purpose behind all of them uniting is truly a remarkable one. The cabaret was a concert benefitting the Make-a-Wish Foundation put together by Michelle Corr, (FCRH '17 and Mimes and Mummers Sophomore Representative) which seeks to raise money for children with cancer and to make their wishes come true, whether it be a trip to Disneyland, or even making them become a superhero for the day. Groups ranging from a cappella clubs, theatre troupes, improv and sketch comedy clubs, and spoken word performances all filled the auditorium with a camaraderie enjoyed by the audience, while knowing that they were performing for a great cause. I got to perform an acoustic Beyonce mashup with my friends Sarah Bernstein (FCRH '17) and Mara Santili (FCRH '16) and the low-key atmosphere of the show made it seem as if there was no pressure in making mistakes and that having fun was the most important part in the end. It was truly a special night getting to see all of the performing arts clubs come together for this great cause, something that does not happen every day on campus, and to be a part of it for a small moment in the show was a heartwarming experience. 
      It was also pretty funny that the next day was the day I had tickets to see Cabaret the Broadway musical with Sienna Miller and Alan Cumming. I had always wanted to see this show for the longest time and it was a joy to see Alan Cumming's captivating and charming performance in person as well as Sienna Miller in a role that I would have never pictured her in before. The theatre was intimate and decorated with intricate lights which helped enhance the risqué and sultry nature of the show. Being a student at a university in New York City has so many perks like being able to see Broadway shows with big names for a reasonable price and is something I always enjoy doing in my free time.
     And lastly, the third of the "Cabarets" that I have attended this past month was a Cabaret show at a supper club known as 54 Below. This venue is located in midtown and is known for its Broadway celebrity guests like Patti Lupone and even hosts casts of Broadway shows to sing specialized shows like the music of Celine Dion and Sam Smith. The concert that I was able to attend was "The Cast of If/Then sings the songs from Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey." The composer and lyrics duo composed If/Then and it was a special sight seeing the performers sing selections that they did not regularly sing on stage at If/Then. I had finished all my midterms and it was so relaxing being able to sit, eat dinner, and enjoy these talented Broadwayperformers sing songs from show that are still in the works even before they head to the Great White Way.
A Playbill
The Roundabout Theatre where Cabaret is playing on 54th street. Behind, you can see the sign for 54 Below.

Whether it's on campus or off, there are so many opportunities to enjoy a variety of musical entertainment as a Fordham student that will definitely appeal to anyone out for a good time!

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