Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fordham Delivers

As a member of the Fordham Marketing Association’s Fundraising Team, I can testify to the success of a campus wide fundraising trend, food delivery.

Mode Magazine delivered Cookies ala Mode to students looking for a sweet treat on a Friday night 
Clubs and organizations run food delivery fundraisers throughout the year. While the success of these events may be due to the hunger (and possible laziness) of the student population, it also speaks to the creativity of students looking to fund their passion projects.

GO! Adirondacks ran the fundraiser “Oh My Bagels!” for students looking for breakfast on a Sunday morning, but not looking to leave their dorms

A popular participant in food deliver service fundraisers are Fordham’s GO! Teams. The GO! Teams raise money throughout the year to help fund student service projects throughout the world. 

FMA added an extra flare to food delivery fundraising by delivering students pancakes in reusable Fordham mason jars
Blog by: Caroline Dunn

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