Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break in Boston

This past weekend I spent at home in Boston, MA for spring break.  Although I love Fordham, my friends, classes and NYC, it is definitely nice to be able to relax and unwind at home!  While at home, I spent time with my younger sisters, high school friends, and caught up with my parents and relatives.  I had some amazing meals, and even brought my family home a gift card from The Meatball Shoppe- one of my favorite spots in New York.

Catching up with my family

One of the most exciting parts of my break was going to the Federal Courthouse to witness a day of the Boston Marathon Bombing trial.  I got there very early in the morning, and was able to sit in the main room- just 20 feet away from Jahar Tsarnaev himself.  The Marathon Bombing is such a historical event, and it was fascinating to witness a day of the trial in person.  My week at home was fun, but I was so excited to come back to campus to be reunited with my friends, this amazing campus and lively city.  It is amazing how I now have two places that feel completely like home- my actual home in MA, and my home that I built here at Fordham.

From inside the Federal Courthouse

Blog By: Caroline McCue

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