Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Update

Kaitlyn McWha
Fordham has a lot to offer, but some of its most interesting affiliations are outside of campus. This weekend, I went to an event organized through the Concourse Group, a micro finance organization located just outside of Fordham's campus. I currently work for the Concourse Group as a micro finance consultant to small Bronx business owners. This Sunday, I went to a business called Scenyc in the Bronx with my colleagues in order to collaborate with entrepreneurs and to work on a business plan for one of our current clients. Scenyc is an awesome and innovative business incubator, and I'm so excited to continue working there and in Fordham's business incubator!
Scenyc's awesome logo

Linda Mule
This past week it has been quite busy at Fordham! One of the exciting points for the end of semester blues however was a part of this week- class selection! I look at this time of year as a way to plan out all of the exciting classes that I can take here at Fordham. Classes are added all the time- an English class pertaining directly to my major was added just this week! Another really awesome end of semester event coming up is Spring Weekend! Spring Weekend is the weekend before finals and is a jam packed (literally, there's a DJ and a band) with fun events from Friday night until Sunday night! It will not be long until we find out who will be our musical guests this year, but we know it will be amazing!
Martyr's Lawn during Spring Weekend 2014
Gianna Rosamilia
This weekend, I had an incredibly busy weekend. Friday and Saturday night, Expressions Dance Alliance (the dance club I am in) had their spring semester showcase. The show went about an hour and a half, and featured The Satin Dolls, Fordham's incredible women's a cappella group. Overall, it was a huge success and all of our hard work over the semester really paid off! On Sunday, my Global Outreach team had its retreat. Global Outreach is a really popular program at Fordham for cultural immersion and service, and my team's project is traveling to Bethel, Alaska. It was a really great bonding opportunity for my service project community, and I cannot wait to go to Alaska with them!
Expressions just before the show Saturday night
Nicole Pieri
On Saturday, my friends and I went to Ram's Got Talent, a Fordham talent show sponsored by the Commuter Students Association that was held as part of Commuter Week. The talents varied from beatboxing to singing, and everyone who competed was extremely talented. It was really fun to watch and was a great way to spend a Saturday evening!
Some of our talented Rams

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