Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finding Cleveland in NYC

One of the main reasons I decided to attend Fordham was because of its prime location.  Living in NYC for the past three years has been an incredible experience, and I would not trade it for anything, but that doesn't mean I don't get homesick from time to time.  Because I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, I only get the chance to go home during longer school breaks, so I've found some in things in New York that remind me of back home.  

Luckily, Fordham has a way of bringing a bit of Cleveland to me here.  Last month I attended the Cultural Affairs Raffle.  These raffles happen each month, and students have the chance to purchase discounted tickets to events around the city, usually Broadway shows or sporting events.  When I went, I had the option of getting tickets to Finding Neverland, an opera, or a Brooklyn Nets game.  I chose the basketball game because the opponent for the night of the game was the Cleveland Cavaliers! I was so excited that I would get to cheer on my team even though I was 500 miles away from the Cavaliers' home court.  

Barclays Center where the Nets play 
Great seats for only $20
I was able to bring my friend to the game, and even though the Cavs couldn't manage a win that night, we still had a great time.  Getting to the Barclays Center was a simple as walking up Fordham Road and taking the 4 Train, and on the way back we took the D train and road back to campus from the subway station in the Fordham security shuttle that waits at the station for students every night. 

Trying to enjoy being a college student in NYC while maintaining a budget may seem like a daunting task, but Fordham works to give all students the opportunities to experience the best of what the city has to offer.  Each of the tickets I got for the game had a face value of $115 (yikes!) but I only had to pay $20 for each (score!).  As a Fordham student, I am able to take full advantage of living in NYC, and even though I miss Ohio at times, I can always find ways to bring a little bit of home here. 

The Cavs warming up

Time for tip-off

LeBron James shooting free throws  

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