Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rose Hill Ramily

When I start my tours, I begin with the classic tagline: "Hi my name is ____. I'm from ____. My major is ____." However, I have something unique to add to the end of that introduction: I'm the third of four family members to have attended Fordham.

My dad attended law school at Fordham Lincoln Center. Owing to this connection and his childhood in the Bronx, my brother, sister, and I grew up knowing of and visiting Fordham Rose Hill. Our grade school basketball teams frequented half-time shows during the team's season and the Keating image was a well-known one in our household.

The day of my brother's graduation.
When my brother first decided to attend, I thought "No way will I do that. Who wants to go to school with their sibling?" I was looking for a new independent niche and didn't think I could figure that out at a school my brother attended. Clearly, I caved to this ridiculous presumption. Two years later, following suit, my sister faced the same challenge and ultimately chose Rose Hill as well.

To most of you that probably sounds like a lot of family, and trust me it has been! But it has been one of the greatest blessings in my experience at Fordham. From day one, we've know the in's and out's of departments like Gabelli and the Law School as well as the awesome reunions Homecoming and Jubilee bring. We can give you directions to the Ram Van or to Arthur Ave with a specific recommendation for exactly the kind of Italian cuisine you're looking for.

My sister and I on her first day of orientation.
More than anything else though, my favorite part of having family at Fordham is how it has grown. What began as my parents, my brother, my sister, and I now includes our roommates and friends. Some of my friends are my sister's and likewise for me. When I was a freshman, it was my brother's crew who showed me the ropes and kept an eye out for me. Over the years, our family has expanded so that my college community does not just stay in the Bronx: it comes back home with me too. Wherever I am, I'm followed by the spirit of Fordham University and the love of relationships I've made and fostered there.

Even though my experience has certainly been unique, it's one of the many examples of how Fordham fosters family. Families aren't always the one you're born into, but they're the ones you carry with you throughout and following college. As a senior, it's one of the many things that I will miss the most. I am so incredibly lucky to have both built and maintained my family here. I recommend it to anyone who's looking to do the same. 

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  1. Can you tell me how far is the walk from Campbell hall to the Ram Van office? Thanks!