Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Major Spotlight: Communication and Media Studies

I was the kind of student who came in undecided Freshman year and had absolutely no clue what I wanted to major in, and this is completely fine! Choosing a major can be an extremely stressful decision, which is why I want to share some of the amazing perks of the major that I decided on two years ago and have not regretted since: Communications and Media Studies! 

I didn't fall in love with Communications until I took an introductory class in it Freshman year.  I soon realized that I was fascinated and could definitely see myself creating a career for myself in this field in my future.  I was particularly drawn in by the fact that this major could take me in so many directions, I was not limited to one specific job. 

As a Communications major you will need to pick a concentration, in other words a specific area of study.  There are five different concentrations to choose from: 1) Film 2) Journalism 3)Media, Culture, and Society 4) New Media/Participatory Media and 5) Television/Radio.  

There are some core classes that are the same for all concentrations.  Before moving on in your chosen focus you will need to take two introductory courses, which are both extremely interesting and do a great job of introducing you to the field!  One of my favorite parts of the Communications major at Fordham is the fact that each concentration allows room for electives so you have the opportunity to check out classes from other focuses that you may be interested in.  

All of the professors in the department here are amazing and have an insane amount of knowledge about the field!  Another perk is that the Communications department is constantly hosting fun and interesting events with all kinds of guest speakers! 

Some of my personal favorite Communications classes that I have taken during my time at Fordham are: Communication Technologies & Society, Media Law, and Persuasion & Attitude Change.  I have absolutely loved having the opportunity to study Communications during my time here at Fordham and I cannot wait to see what awesome classes my Senior year will provide me with! 

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