Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Yankees Game Adventure

I’m a huge baseball fan and have spent most of my summers at the ballpark watching a game. So when CAB was offering $10 tickets to see the Yankees take on the Red Sox over at Yankee Stadium, I was absolutely thrilled.

Yankee Stadium
My friends and I were fortunate enough to win tickets to one of the two games CAB offered to see baseball’s most legendary rivalry. It was a cold, Friday night in early April. Since it was my first time at the new Yankee Stadium, we explored the ballpark and its upgraded amenities for a while before getting some food and taking our seats in the bleachers in the outfield. All Fordham students in attendance got FREE Yankees hats as well, which was a great treat.

The game was really exciting; in fact, there was a problem with the lights in the middle of the game, causing a fifteen-minute delay while the issue got resolved, and the game even went into extra innings – twenty innings in total compared to the typical nine. Unfortunately, my friends and I opted to leave around the thirteenth inning as the night was only getting later and colder, and, since it’s only about a fifteen-minute ride on the D train back to Fordham Road, it was easy getting back to campus. The Red Sox ended up winning, so it was probably better we didn’t stick around anyway.

Our view from the bleachers!

Though I am a big fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, it was a lot of fun getting to see two of baseball’s biggest team go head-to-head in a seemingly never-ending game. I have one more year left living in the Bronx, so I hope I get to attend more Yankees games in the future.
Enjoying the game!

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