Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Weekend Update

Caroline Dunn
Brandon Stanton, founder of the wildly popular blog Humans of New York, spoke on Thursday night as part of CAB’s Spring Weekend. As Stanton stood at the front of Lombardi field house in front of a massive number of students he charmed the crowd by say, "I feel like I'm leading a pep rally right now, 'Let's go rams!"
Stanton, a former bond trader who took to photography when he lost his job, inspired students to never give up on the things they love. "It takes work," acknowledged Stanton, "but the only thing you can control is how hard you'll work."
Now Stanton's blog has over 12 million followers and his 2013 book made him  New York Times bestselling author.
Brandon Stanton

Shannon Donovan
This weekend was Spring Weekend here at Fordham, sponsored by Campus Activities Board (CAB).  On Friday night Solidisco, who just played at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, held a free concert for this year’s Spring Weekend DJ performance.  The show took place in the parking lot and it was a blast!

Marisa Diaz
This weekend, I enjoyed the Spring Weekend Concert, featuring Twenty-One Pilots. At the concert, my friends and I enjoyed the BBQ as well as Wafels and Dinges and smoothies while we watched the band perform. The weather was definitely perfect!
My friends and me hanging out at the concert
Nicole Cruz
This weekend, my friends and I took advantage of the nice weather and spent our last bit of time before finals with our fellow Rams. After the concert on Saturday, the Under the Tent Dance took place on Martyr’s Lawn. This year’s theme was The Last Illusion, and the decorations in the tent were gorgeous.
My friends and me enjoying the weather

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