Tuesday, April 7, 2015

When Journalism and Theatre Collide

I am a very proud communications major (with a concentration in journalism) here at Fordham. I look forward to getting a job in the journalism field. In addition to my passion for news, I also have a passion for Broadway or anything theatre related at all. That’s why I was so quick to register for Fordham’s “Theatre Journalism” class this spring.

Theatre Journalism is by far my favorite class I have taken at Fordham so far. The class is at Lincoln Center and being a rose hill student, I do have to commute to class via ram van, but it is well worth it! The professor is Frank DiLella. He is the feature Theatre reporter for NY 1 in addition to hosting  the weekly television show On Stage Across America.  He is so knowledgeable because he is active in the communications field right now. He has structured the class in a very experiential way that helps us develop skills that we will be able to use in the future. Some of our assignments included writing TV news scripts and articles, creating publicity plans for Broadway shows, and writing Broadway reviews.   We have also had a ton of guest speakers including, Glenn Burger, co writer of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark and author of Song of Spiderman, and Paul Wontorek of Broadway.com.  But, I must admit my favorite class was when our professor took us to the NY1 studio and gave us a tour. We also had the privilege of talking to many people who also work at NY1 including, Roma Torre the midday anchor for the station
This is the Playbill for a show I saw for my theatre journalism class

What I love most about this class is that it has practical value. Instead of studying about the industry through textbooks, we are actually doing what we would be doing if we were Journalist. This hands on approach enables us to receive extremely valuable experience in an environment that fosters learning. I look forward to taking other communications courses in the future!

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