Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fordham Connections

One of Fordham's most unique qualities is its large alumni community.  Students journey to Fordham from all over the world and become part of what we like to call, the "Ramily."  Many of these students then go on to live and work in New York City, making it extremely easy for current students to get internships or jobs with fellow Fordham grads. 

Class of 2014 Graduation
Being in New York City, Fordham has a tremendous relationship with the alumni, making it very easy to connect with employers who have either gone to Fordham or are particularly interested in hiring Fordham students.  Many of my friends that have graduated have helped provide me with connections and experiences benefiting my career search.  In fact, a good friend of mine that graduated last year helped to get me an interview with her company for a summer internship.  Her employer was excited to meet with me simply for the fact that I attended Fordham.  Employers nationwide recognize that Fordham caters to the well rounded growth of the whole person, and that is something that makes Fordham students stand out from the crowd.  If it weren't for such strong alumni connections, this would not be the case.

Wherever you go, your Fordham family follows you, making it truly something special. The feeling of community campus, amongst friends, and amongst alumni is almost indescribable. It is something I wish everyone could experience. The friendships made at Fordham are ones that are irreplaceable. These aren’t just friendships that come and go with graduation, but ones that last your entire life.

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