Friday, April 10, 2015

New Orleans Adventures (feat. the Fordham Marketing Association!)

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One of the main reasons why I was so excited to attend Fordham was because of all of the great opportunities this school offers both in and out of the classroom. During every tour I take part in, I make sure to stress to incoming students the importance of finding and working at internships. Personally, I’ve had an internship during every semester of college thus far, which has allowed me to take what I learn in class and apply it to real-life situations nearly instantaneously while also gaining a breadth of professional knowledge that classrooms and professors cannot necessarily provide.

The local food was *so* good!
Late-night sightseeing.
However, one of my favorite professional experiences came this year when I, along with the rest of the Fordham Marketing Association executive board, went to the American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. FMA has been travelling to the conference for several years now – and has even placed in several of the competitions – but this was my first time going (and also my first glimpse at the amazing city of New Orleans)!

Our four-day trip allowed gave us the privilege of sitting in on panels led by present-day marketing professionals from companies like Google and Coca Cola, meeting and networking with students from collegiate marketing associations all across the country, and gaining insights on how to better run our own club. In the evenings, we had free time to explore the French Quarter, try out the amazing southern cuisine, and go sightseeing and souvenir shopping. We actually passed by a voodoo shop at one point and I couldn’t resist stopping and buying one that’s supposed to bring success to its owner! Fingers crossed that it works…

View out of our hotel window!
Streets of NOLA...
Aside from the Fordham Marketing Association, there are plenty of other organizations and clubs students can join to further themselves professionally or just to get involved in student life on campus. Whether you’re interested in the student government, the Campus Activities Board, or even writing for this blog as an Outreach Ambassador for the Rose Hill Society, there is surely a spot for you at Fordham. Maybe next year, you’ll even be coming along to New Orleans with me… Who knows? 

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